Changes to low value Road Traffic Accident claims

The Government continues to introduce reforms to crack down on perceived money making scams relating to personal injury claims. New rules have been introduced to bring changes to low value soft tissue motor claims where the Claim Notification Form is submitted onto the portal system on or after 01 October 2014.

Are car crash fraud statistics faked?

A national personal injury firm has carried out research and their findings have undermined insurance industry claims that a fraud epidemic is increasing motor premiums.

What should you do if you have an accident on the road while abroad?

It’s the season were summer holidays have been planned and you’re dreaming of your perfect getaway. But what should you do if your dream becomes a nightmare?

Medical Accident Lawyers

We are working in conjunction with law firm Mellor Hargreaves under the name Medical Accident Lawyers for a range of personal injury claims.

More 20mph speed limits to be introduced?

In a survey conducted by Brake, a charity dedicated to preventing road death and injury and caring for people bereaved or injured in road crashes, they found that 78% of people wanted to see tougher restrictions around built-up areas – particularly near schools and busy town centres.

First motorway pub opens

A new JD Wetherspoon pub has opened for business at junction 2 of the M40 in Beaconsfield, amid anger and criticism from road safety campaigners.

Student Killed Following Council Cost Cutting Exercise

A University student lost his life after being hit by taxi in Leamington, Warwickshire at approximately 3:45am on December 7th 2012.

Yorkshire Roads Revealed Worst For Safety In England

Earlier this month the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) reported that analysis of recent data revealed that the North East of England has seen the biggest …

Will On-The-Spot Fines Make Our Roads Safer?

As on-the-spot fines come in for tailgating and middle lane hogging, commentators are asking whether this will make Britain”s drivers safer. Well, that depends on your school of thought; many people consider that an on-the-spot fine of £100 and three penalty points will make drivers think long and hard about…

Road traffic solicitors in Leeds

Our Road traffic solicitors in Leeds may be able to pursue compensation for a road traffic accident you have been involved in on your behalf. An injury which results from a road traffic accident can be extremely traumatic, which is why we have specialist road traffic solicitors in Leeds which will…